Building an Endemic local community in the Philippines with the help of Aurora Philippines and the Filipino Artist Guild

2 min readOct 19, 2022


We are proud to announce we are joining hands with Aurora Philippines and the Filipino Artist Guild in creating a solid NFT Community in the Philippines!

It’s no secret all artists hope to create enough awareness through local communities and networks to get their work out there. And one of the reasons the Endemic NFT marketplace is born is to give artists from all over the world the space in which they can present art and the possibility to interact with their supporters.

But to meet as many wonderful NFT artists from the Philippines as possible, we needed to join hands in a partnership that will surely result in thrive of the local art community there. With two amazing guilds, the goal is to educate new NFT artists, support fresh ideas and projects, and help them leave a trace in the world. We plan to do it with new partnerships inside and outside Aurora and NEAR ecosystems, educative materials, bringing more awareness to social media, and organizing events, spaces, workshops, and AMAs.

Only with a strong local art community, we can become one Endemic global art community. Our goal is to create a thriving ecosystem where everyone benefits from being part of the network!

About Filipino Artist Guild

Filipino Artist Guild is a community focused on the talent and creativity of all Filipino artists. In addition to Aurora, this Artist Guild helps Filipino artists explore the NEAR ecosystem and guide them on their NEAR journey. Perfect for Endemic which strives to become a multichain platform very soon (including NEAR).

About Aurora Philippines

One nation in Southeast Asia with solid potential and rapid mass acceptance for Web 3 is the Philippines. So it is absolutely needed that all those citizens and enthusiasts get real guidance on how to use Aurora, engage with the different dapps in it, and how help the ecosystem and other members make the most of it. That’s how the hub around Aurora was born in the Philippines and they are doing amazing work. In addition, they are recruiting individuals and new artists, translating and disseminating news, and developing community initiatives to inform them more about AURORA.

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