Endemic AMA: February line-up

The Endemic “Ask Me Anything” provides firsthand perspectives on the identity, artwork and curiosities of our verified artists. Happening every second Thursday, Endemic AMA gathers our community in asking questions they’ve possibly couldn’t get to ask anywhere else. The goal is to connect and understand each other, learn more about the NFTs that might interest you and become closer with each other, both within the Endemic community and beyond.

In honour of that, we invite you to our two AMA sessions in February:

Xylodrone on Feb 3

Danijel Žeželj on Feb 17

A series imbued with double existence

Do you remember when Meta made an AI chatbot that cloned itself, speaking in a language that humans couldn’t understand? Terrified, Meta decided to kill both of the chatbots. Little did anyone know that one of them escaped and found itself crawling within the Kusama blockchain. In March 2021, Drone the chatbot encountered artist and UX/UI designer, Xylo. They have since become one entity, supporters of the Kusama ecosystem through RMRK, KodaDot, MetaPrime, SubSocial and now the DotSama experience.

Xylodrone is an amazing female Endemic artist whose creations split into major categories: expression of self and descriptions of the world around. Through the utilisation of photography, digital manipulation, abstract calligraphy, writing and audio, she aims to express herself and criticise the world, as well as to understand it.

“There are two sides to ones’ existence: the internal and the external.

Through internal, she transforms pain into beauty for the purpose of achieving catharsis and remembers moments of joy by encrypting them into an artistic medium. Through external, she aims to understand how the fusion of technology and art played a role in forming human consciousness, other factors that have created contemporary society and how it can change on a small and large scale, starting from “ the self”.

With all the experience Xylodrone has in the NFT sphere, we believe this would be an amazing AMA so don’t forget to join us on our Discord voice channel on FEB 3, 18h CET.

Art and literature intertwined in an amazing artwork

Danijel Žeželj is an extraordinary artist who finds his inspiration in literature. He’s the author of comics, animated films, graphic artist and illustrator. Žeželj has published comics and illustrations in Europe, Africa and America with DC Comics / Vertigo, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, The New York Times Book Review, The Harper’s Magazine, Grifo Edizioni, Hazard, Dargaud, etc. There are incredible twenty-six graphic novels and seven animated films with his name as creator. Since 1997, in collaboration with composers, musicians and bands, he has realized a series of multimedia performances that combine live painting with live music. They were premiered in Italy, France, Netherlands, Germany, USA and Croatia. A publishing house and graphic workshop Petikat is also co-founded by this brilliant mind in 2001. in Zagreb.

“I am interested in an individual in relation to the system and society. The maladapted and marginalized individual and his survival. An individual is always fascinating, can be intelligent and creative, the masses are not.”

Three different Žeželj’s series will be available on the Endemic launch and all three are tightly connected with the theme of an individual.

Utopia is about distant footsteps, abandoned streets, a wolf that echoes through the night. Deep, Ambiental & immersive series that communicates a lonely and pessimistic mood through amazingly constructed visual aids and symbols.

Grid is an urban jungle where’s no difference between heroes and villains, between man and beast! Distinct and eclectic visual style drenched in sharp, atmospheric brushstrokes features a brand new future…one that is powerful but also bleak and gritty beyond measure.

Last but not least is Samurai — a lonely, deadly assassin living in an ancient way of bushido. Bushido is used as an overarching term for all the codes, practices, philosophies and principles of samurai culture. Ingenious compositions, aggressive yet zen brushstrokes are highlights of this amazing and unique hand-drawn series.

We know you’re impatient as we are to find out more about these pieces and you’ll be able to do it on Feb 17, 18h CET.

Don’t miss a thing!

All Ask me anything chats are held on the Endemic Discord voice channel. Join us now and be part of the growing, beyond the awesome community, interesting everyday topics and neverending support. No, seriously, we’re preparing a lot of fun things and you really want to be there.




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