Endemic founders collection (EFC) — a new fund for empowering NFT artists

3 min readDec 14, 2022


As a part of surprising our community and followers with new Endemic features, we decided to also introduce you to EFC — Endemic founders collection.

Endemic founders collection is a newly established art fund to empower artists and collect the best artwork in Web3.

EFC basically uses the services of professional curators to research the best currently available artworks in all media with the purpose of purchasing the entire collection directly from the artists.

Through this process, we:

  1. Strengthen the artistic community in times of bear market,
  2. Help artists sell their work,
  3. And educate the public about the intrinsic and formative quality of artistic work from concept to performance.

Not only that, but the EFC fund is in the process of creating its metaverse gallery where the purchased artworks will be exhibited. The gallery will have 3 levels: Shooting stars, United artists & Hall of Fame.

But enough of the theory. You’ll be able to hear more about the Endemic founders' collection in the following months and be free to ask us anything about it you need to know. What we want for now is to present to you the first honorary artistic EFC.

The first Endemic founders’ collection of Daria Zaseda

We’re happy to announce that the first EFC artist is the multitalented Ukrainian artist Daria Zaseda! Endemic founders collected her amazing “RED” digital collection made of 6 NFTs.

More about artist

Daria Zaseda is a prizewinning artist from Ukraine whose works have been featured in solo and group shows internationally. Working in mixed media, Zaseda focuses on women as one of her primary subjects in painting, finding purpose in revealing their psychological and social contexts layer by layer. Her work is characterized by this femininity and great attention to detail through the use of intricate patterns in ink surrounding her subject.

As a renowned and respected artist, she is represented by 3 galleries: Spivakovskaya Art Ego for the Ukrainian market, Adelman Fine Art gallery for the US market, and ArtFuze for the British art market. Her work was exhibited all around the globe from Ukraine, Poland, the USA, Spain, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, France, and even the Venice Bienalle in Italy. She won numerous awards for her artwork is collected in private and public collections like the Ministry of Finance in Ukraine

More about the collection

The collection is named “Red” aka Scarlet, Carmine. Red is the color of passion and love, the color of intense feelings and energy. The second motive in this collection is women and they represent the love of life in all its manifestations!

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