Endemic Guide — How to get on the Endemic marketplace, Mint, Sell and Gift NFTs on the Endemic marketplace

9 min readFeb 21, 2022

Endemic social NFT marketplace gives collectors the opportunity to find top-quality curated art, and artists to find themselves in the company of only the highest-quality world-renowned talents. We’ve created a guide for the artist and community to help you connect to the platform smoothly. The guide will take you through every step of the process with all details included. So sit back and make yourself comfortable because you’ll be learning how to join the greatness.

Getting Metamask before adding the wallet (only for pure beginners)

If you’re a complete beginner and you don’t even know what MetaMask is, we recommend you start with this step. In short, you need MetaMask to buy, store and send tokens as it equips you with a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange — everything you need to manage your digital assets. Its set-up is pretty simple and all you have to do is follow these 3 steps:

  1. Open MetaMask on metamask.io and just click the Download button.

2. MetaMask basically behaves like any other Chrome extension you might have (like Adblocker, Grammarly, some tab management tools and others). So, by clicking the download button, you’ll get a new window in which you have to confirm your preferred browser. Note: MetaMask is available on Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Edge.

Now, click install for Chrome for completing step two.

3. The last step is to confirm adding MetaMask to Chrome. Voila! Your MetaMask is now successfully added to the browser you operate.

This leads us to the next task — connecting a wallet.

How to connect a wallet in MetaMask extension (or create one)

There are two ways of connecting a wallet to MetaMask — either importing your existing wallet or creating a new one. In case you already have a wallet, importing it should be a breeze. You’ll just be asked to write your Secret Recovery Phrase and password in order to connect your wallet.

For those who don’t have a wallet or don’t even know what the secret-something-something is — let’s start from the beginning.

The Secret Recovery Phrase is the most important part of having a crypto wallet. It is a key unlocking your wallet and you should guard it like it’s a map and key to Erebor. Our advice is that no one but you know this secret combination of words because you never know what might happen to your precious digital assets. Hide it, bury it, lock it, whatever you need to do, just let it be only for your eyes.

Now that we hopefully mastered it, let’s create a wallet together. Firstly, click on the ‘create a wallet’ button (like on the pic below).

You should see a window for generating your own password. We know this should go without saying, but — make it strong, please ;)

After creating a password you’ll get to the Secret Recovery Phrase step (the one we were holding a monologue for a few moments ago). It consists of twelve words you’ll have to remember in exact order.

That’s it, you have a wallet now (and it’s connected with MetaMask). We believe everything went smoothly and if you get stuck somewhere, those beautiful MetaMask instructions all along the way and the impressive FAQ base are worth reading.

I connected everything, now what?

Reasonable question. Endemic is live on Ethereum and Polygon, and in order to buy or mine art, you need to secure enough ETH in your wallet (on Ethereum) or MATIC (on Polygon network).

The most efficient way would be to:
1. Go to the Endemic Marketplace and click ‘connect wallet’

2. Click the Metamask logo and just confirm the prefilled data.

How to edit your profile

All actions on Endemic, whether you’re an artist, collector, or just a community enthusiast, start with creating a profile. Basically, by connecting your wallet, described in the previous chapter, you made a profile on the Endemic NFT marketplace. The important step for this chapter is to actually edit and fill your profile bio which will, when completed, bring you a Supporter Endemic Badge.

You can do it on the button ‘Settings’, after which you’ll be transferred to a page where you can write all your info, upload your profile and cover photo, and connect your social media channels (so our members can find you and follow you), as well as set up notifications you want to receive. After filling out all the data you’ll just have to confirm it with a save button.

Note: Be careful to fill in the correct social network username and URL because otherwise, you will not be able to confirm your action.

Having an Endemic supporter badge = using a social network component

The first thing we recommend doing when setting up your profile is to check out our social network components. Browse around the feed, and check out what NFTs, collections, and artists are there. Don’t be afraid to hit the Follow and Like button, or even Tip an artist for good work with a small amount of money that will surely mean a lot.

Or just leave a comment. It’s what being in an Endemic community is all about.

Now, we all know you’re not on Endemic just to have a new Instagram for art. You’re here to buy and show your art to the world. So, why don’t we go through the minting feature on our platform?

Remember that only verified artists can mint on Endemic since our artwork is curator-picked and have to pass the quality proof. If you haven’t already become our artist, you can fill out this form and get in touch with our art team.

At the moment of your verification, you’ll get the Artist badge which means you can mint.

Minting an NFT

Endy is super excited for your first minting on Endemic. You do it like this:

  1. Go to the home page https://endemic.app/ and click the Create button at the top of the site.

2. The whole new page will open and you will be asked to upload your piece, and give it a name, cover, and description.

3. Other things you’ll have to define are attributes and value — a feature that gives you the opportunity to add attributes pertaining to the asset and distinguish an NFT as rare. Given your own signature in the metadata, your work becomes more desirable and more expensive.

4. Also, when minting your NFT for the first time, you’ll be required to also create a collection. With the ‘Create a new collection button’ a new window will open with, well — filling more data. Once again, you’ll have to give a name and description, upload a cover, decide on a slug (it will be used as a public thing you’ll share everywhere) and collection symbol (it is a unique identifier of your collection and can be any string of letters, like for example END) as well as is your collection art or collectable.

*When minting NFTs for the second time or more, you’ll have the opportunity to pick an already created collection from the list or create a new one, if necessary.

5. We’re close to the end. When done with the previous steps, you’ll only have to confirm them with the Metamask notification. It will inform you of all the details about your transaction fees and we recommend you check it all out once again before hitting the ‘Confirm’ button

And after some short time (depending on the size of your collection), this little buffer is going to get green which means you successfully minted your artwork.

Transactions fees

You can check the gas fee at any time via the link. Take into account that the fee varies depending on the period of the day and the number of online transactions at a given time.

Check fees: https://etherscan.io/gastracker

Putting your NFT on sale

To put your NFT as a sale, you have to go to your Endemic profile and do several simple steps:

1. Click ‘collections’ on your profile

2. Pick the collection under which the NFT you want to sell is

3. Click the ‘Sell now’ button

4. New window will open where you’ll have to define the price of your NFT

5. As well as review and confirm all your actions with two Metamask notifications, like the one below

After several seconds your NFT will be ready for your first buyer and you’ll see the ‘Buy now’ button right next to it.

5. In case you want to change any detail about your NFT, just click on the little arrow near the ‘Buy now’ button.

That’s the place where you also can:

  • Edit sale info and price
  • Share your NFT to social networks
  • Transfer your NFT to someone’s address
  • Cancel your sale
  • And burn your NFT. This last action will have to be confirmed with the Metamask notification window.

Congratulation, you learn to use the Endemic NFT marketplace

In this guide, we tried to make your first steps on Endemic easier and we hope it’s been helpful. For any other questions or just because you want to hang out with us, we’re inviting you to our social channels.

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