Endemic is born!

3 min readFeb 22, 2022

The day has come — the Endemic NFT marketplace is live!

This short sentence brings us much joy, as we hope it does to you. After many hard-working days, an enthusiastic team giving it all and one small delay, we’re proud to launch our mainnet — vibrant, stable and secure. Our goal was always making it right and giving maximum value to our members. We’re sure our partners, supporters and friends will understand and appreciate this.

Endemic is the first NFT marketplace of its kind. We’re different from the other species in the sea because of the:

  • High-quality curator picked art
  • Social network components adapted in the crypto sphere
  • Ridiculously low mint and gas costs
  • Community driven environment

Endemic is a new NFT marketplace that runs on cool, fresh and original concepts and builds better and more modern tech for art. With a humane and anti-corporate attitude and a personal approach, we are an ideal marketplace for both new and renowned foreign and local artists starting in the NFT sphere. Our vision goes beyond just being a place for artists and collectors to buy and sell art. Yes, you can expect beautiful and rare high-art NFT pieces like no others, creatively crafted with world-class talents and carefully picked by our curators. Unlike other marketplaces in the world, the team around Endemic thrives to support local artists and help them leave a trace in the art world. We want to connect people around the right values, educate them about the NFT world and encourage real-life events and networking. To make stronger Endemic local art communities in order to become one Endemic global art community. Another main Endemic feature is this — users can all connect. With various integration such as likes, comments, blogging, etc., Endemic is aiming at building a strong community, deeper connections between artist and their supporters and a better understanding of each individual piece before the purchase decision.

Endemic is not an anaemic, colourless, mainstream marketplace — we are the cool alternative.

Celebrating the launch

🎊 To celebrate the launch and make it the easiest for you as possible to join in, we created a guide for you describing and showing all the steps you need to know. It will help you connect and operate smoothly.

🐙 Wear our colours. Many people and followers shared how they are in love with Endemic colours, shapes and visual identity so we thought Why not share it with all for free. In case you want to put a cover that says ‘I am an Endemic artist’ or just support this project by highlighting our colours, you can download all visuals and covers on this link our video animations here.

🎈 Last but extremely important — we prepared a big surprise for our early Discord and Telegram members, who have been on this journey with us from the very beginning. Around 600 members that were in our channels on the day before the launch will be rewarded for the trust they put in us by free NFT from the Endemic collectables series.

Stay close to our channels because more juicy details are coming about the Endemic collectables as well as on how to get rewarded for becoming a new part of the Endemic family.

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