Hall of fame collab: Ali Sabet and Endemic are joining forces

Having a human, anti-corporate attitude and a personal approach to the world around us, you’ll find Endemic communication real, open and spoken from the heart. We appreciate every single member who recognizes values and follows us. Imagine then how much happiness it brought us when NFT superstar Ali Sabet decided to stay close with Endemic as our verified artist, advisor and collab partner in multiple projects. 🤩

For those who don’t know who the hell are we talking about (if that’s even possible) here is a short recap.

Who is Ali Sabet and why are we’re proud the Endemic team has the opportunity to work with him?

Ali Sabet is an Iranian American artist who is regarded as one of the top-selling NFT artists. He graduated from Cal State Fullerton in the field of Communications/Advertising and quickly found himself in the world of advertising. His first job was working for Foote, Cone & Belding (FCB), one of the top advertising agencies in the world as an Art Director. Afterwards, he started his own branding agency, called Sabet Brands. Although he’s owning it for 20 years now, it’s not the only thing Sabet has been working on. Alongside, he always painted. In 2021, he decided to enter the incredible NFT world of art, focused on it full time which led him to be ranked as one of the top 100 artists globally in just one year.

Other impressive facts from Ali’s resume:

  • His NFTs made 6 figures in just 14 days.
  • He is #1ranked artist by total ETH sales on Known origin
  • Just look at the list of Sabet’s collaborators. They are some of the most incredible brands in the world! :O

You must admit, having a cool face like Sabet alongside early-stage projects like Endemic is an amazing thing.

But this is what it’s all about.

Ali Sabet x Endemic team collaboration

There are five things around which we will join our forces.

  • Visual standard. Ali is definitely a valuable advisor for the design, features and quality of art and collectables on our platform. Our art team is already absorbing so much info and getting a huge help.
  • Acquiring new artists. Being a leader in the NFT industry and having the community around means knowing where all the creative and rare artists are. Together with Ali, our art team plans on onboarding new creators starting with artists of Iranian calligraphy, the best traditional artist in the world. You can surely expect something amazing under the collection ‘Iranian traditional masters’.
  • Mutual support between Endemic and two projects — Spatial and Stratosphere. Spatial is the metaverse for cultural events such as NFT exhibitions, brand experiences, and conferences. It has existed for quite some time now but in 2021 evolved from an XR productivity tool to a full-blown metaverse company. We are already imagining an Endemic spatial, virtual gallery of our artists visible to the whole world as well as the festivals. Can’t wait to communicate with the artist community there!

Stratosphere is the premier and largest IRL/Metaverse NFT Art showcase in the world. They are a DAO On the mission of serving artists in emerging art markets. The first physical event will take place in Beijing, showcasing hundreds of artists on over 500 High Definition digital displays.

Stratosphere values:

We believe art changes lives.

We believe in digital creativity as an art form.

We believe art forms evolve as we evolve.

We believe when artists evolve the world evolves.

We believe artists need supportive communities to grow, succeed and evolve.

  • Besides all of that, Sabet will be the verified Endemic artist. Many recognize his paintings of beautiful and confident women with large breathtaking eyes and his signature long lashes and defined lips. He is also getting known for his unique Pixopop (@pixopop) characters. Can’t wait to show you what he’ll put on Endemic.
  • Last but not least is the Mojizu collab. Endemic and Ali started initial talks to bring back a groundbreaking project named “Mojizu”. It is a social design sharing site focused on Contemporary Character Design. Launched in 2005 it was the first and only social network for sharing amazing characters by some of the most incredible designers in the world. It became immensely popular, boasting more than 50,000 talented designers that called the site home! These wonderful artists shared over 27,000 Moji’s (Contemporary Characters) with the community.

Viewers could look at these amazing characters, rate them and leave encouraging comments for the delightful creatures and their creators. Due to unforeseen complications, Mojizu was taken down in 2011 with very little hope for its return.

But as they say, miracles do happen! Stay tuned for more!

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