Halloween special: The Spooktacular Endy NFT Collection

4 min readOct 31, 2022

It’s the Halloween season! Whether you are planning to wear a costume trick-or-treating, celebrate dia de Los Muertos, or have a giant kite festival (yes, we know the traditions of all our art communities around the world) or none of the above, Endy has a big surprise for you.

A scare is born: The Spooktacular Endy NFT Collection

The Spooktacular Endy NFT Collection was made by the remarkable NFT artist Sammy Flores and is a 1/1 generative art NFT.

What melted Endy’s heart (and it will yours, too) was Sammy’s humanitarian approach and the whole idea behind the collection. By owning one of the Spooktacular Endy, you’ll be able to help those in need. A portion of the money collected from this collection will be donated to the Autism Community Network (ACN) in San Antonio, Texas. Imagine all those kids that deserve to have a cheerful Halloween.

Disclaimer: The Autism Community Network is a nonprofit, 501©3 agency serving Bexar County and surrounding counties in the state of Texas. Their mission is to maximize the potential of children with autism by providing early diagnosis for those with limited access while educating and empowering the community to support them. For more information about the Autism Community Network please visit www.acn-sa.org.

Meet the artist behind Spooktacular Endy Collection

Sammy Flores aka Samtoshi_F_Baby is a 35-year-old digital artist, out of San Antonio Texas. He’s married to his beautiful wife Renee and has three wonderful children (Connor 15, Kiera 15, & Cameron 3). Besides family, he enjoys sports and all things comics. His favorite sports teams are the Dallas Cowboys, San Antonio Spurs, and Houston Astros. Favorite comic book characters would be Batman/Joker and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2009 with a degree in Psychology with an emphasis on human and sports performance. 2016 was the year he began doing independent comics.

Samtoshi has been in the NFT and crypto space for about two years now. Since then, he’s managed to do all these amazing stuff:

  • He was featured in Paras’ “Catching up with Paras” publication for 6 weeks between May and June
  • In June 2020 began working as a moderator for the Open Web Sandbox (OWS). Since then I created the Creators of the Blockchain rewards program and designed the NEARHUB space for our OWS room together with the NEARHUB team
  • A bunch of collaborations across the NEAR ecosystem with a number of guilds and platforms including, NEARWEEK, AwesomeNEAR, NEARNFT club, $wine Guild, NEAR Hispano, MetaBuild DAO, Community DAO, Metapool, & Paras.HQ.
  • He was working on a collaborative NEARHUB event w Nifty Comedians to have the first-ever comedy show on the NEAR blockchain.
  • He’s a colorist and letterer for the Bob Boom! Comic, the first-ever comic on the NEAR blockchain. They released issues in limited edition collectible covers, available at the comic.paras.id.
  • Together with NFT artist/creator Anoki Casey, he founded NEARxPublish which is a new guild in the NEAR ecosystem focused on bridging the gap between physical and digital media via NFTs and building roadmaps (use cases) for creators to build their creative brands across the NEAR ecosystem through all creative channels.
  • A number of collaborations and personal NFT projects, including one with Vandal from DAORecords

Don’t forget to follow Sammy on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Telegram, and NEAR forum under the name sa@mtoshi_f_baby as well as a NEAR address: samtoshi_f_baby.near

Treat yourself to some cEndy this Halloween!

The first batch of 66 Spooktacular Endy (of 150 in total) is available on the Endemic NFT Marketplace. Treat yourself and the one in need this Halloween and make it Count (muahahaha)!