How to become an Endemic artist

Learn how to get verified and mint your art on the Endemic marketplace

Since you clicked on this article let’s assume two things: you’re an artist wanting to sell NFT art and you’re thinking of doing it on the Endemic marketplace. Awesome, thank you!

In 2022., at least two dozen marketplaces exist in the world, but this is how Endemic might be the best option for you:

  • It has social network integrations such as likes, comments and blogging helping you make deeper connections with art collectors and the Endemic community
  • It is a curator-picked platform built on Aurora on top of the Near blockchain
  • All its art pass the quality control

The last two are particularly important. Unlike Opeasea or Rarible, where everyone (including even spams or other non-artist business marketers) can register and list works, Endemic focuses on quality art and community through the invite-only and verification process. You won’t find thousands of artworks that look similar to each other on our platform. As being the only marketplace that has the art team in addition to the core team, our priorities are research and selection of each artwork by our curators. That way we’re having a much-needed quality filter in the NFT sphere building heaven for mesmerizing creative collections.

What do artists verification mean on Endemic?

Many apps, including social media networks like Instagram and Facebook or Spotify, have verification meaning influencers or brands get a blue checkmark next to their name proving they are notoriety and legitimate. On the other hand, some marketplaces have verification systems that just unlock some additional (premium) features, but basically, all can mint and sell NFTs. Not with Endemic.

Without being verified as an Endemic artist, you can not mint on our platform. Verification is essentially the process of unlocking the mint feature on Endemic. It means that you have been approved as the right fit for our marketplace and you can start selling your work to the audience. Only eminent artists will join the community as creators joining other fine-art individuals.

How does the verification process go?

There are two ways you can get on the platform. The first one is to get a direct invitation from our art team (note: they’re always on the hunt for creative individuals) or via entering our artists form.


Clicking on the form will redirect you to a page asking info about you as an artist, your art, social media channels and several additional questions. Our advice is to consider sharing with us some of your best work.

Once your request is submitted, it gets added to the queue in chronological order (from oldest to newest to oldest). Our Endemic team will go through your application, do the whole research and then contact you back. There is the possibility that our team will ask you for additional info, for example, your work in progress.

The estimated deadline for our art team to contact you for the first time is usually just after several days or a week but the whole verifying process will take a maximum of a month! That’s much faster than on similar marketplaces where the verification process lasts for a minimum of two or three months.

Several tips on how to increase your chances to get verified

Be authentic

The submitted artwork must be original and created by you. Do not upload copyrighted artwork or modified work done by other artists.

Be respectful

Artwork that is racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise harmful and non-inclusive in any way will not be accepted.

Be original

The Endemic team is in constant search of established local artists of various styles and mediums. Bring something new to the marketplace that no one else in the NFT sphere is doing and we’re going to love you.

Tell a story

We love stories! Artwork with a good portfolio, storytelling and description will surely catch our eye but don’t worry if you don’t have all of that preparation. Our team is more than willing to help and advise you with the whole process. In fact, we already prepared several articles that might be a good starting point.

Join our community

We’re officially running both of those channels where creators, collectors and emerging artists can talk, share thoughts get inspired by each other. Basically, those are chat-based online communication tools where you can find useful resources, news, technical updates, ask whatever your heart desires (there are no stupid questions) and even meet with already verified artists.

📱 Socials: Discord | Twitter | Insta | Telegram

And remember — we don’t care how many followers you have, artists’ worth is not measured by the number of followers, especially in the time of bots, bought accounts and similar.

We’re hunting for established local artists who are selling their physical work and want to step into the digital sphere for the first time- both NFTs and building Twitter community

Want to become part of the Endemic family?




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