Important announcement for all current and future Endemic NFT artists

3 min readJan 26, 2023

The Endemic team is making a BIG CHANGE and introducing a completely new artistic concept alongside detailed redesign and badass new features for our launch on ETH. It will be a new chapter in our story and a fresh start, following the original vision and concept of selling premium NFT art made by world-renowned artists and top sellers and focusing only on 1/1 art and phygital.

What will change on Endemic?

There are several groundbreaking changes Endemic NFT marketplace will go through:

  1. Aurora was an important checkpoint on our development but it’s time to move on to the Ethereum chain
  2. Avoiding AI & generated art
  3. Focusing on high-quality 1/1 original artwork & rare phygital art
  4. Having a new renowned international curator team
  5. Scouting and booking the best IRL & NFT artist talent
  6. Adding numerous new features
  7. Complete marketplace redesign

These changes are expected to be live pretty soon as our teams are already working on it, having the first big change already happening.

A farewell to AI or Gen art on Endemic

We experienced situations where one artistic 1/1 portfolio was approved for the Endemic but then artists decided to follow the current trends instead of life-lasting quality. So, the new international curator team is working around the clock and reviewing all artists, collections, and artworks minted on Endemic, pinning out only the top-quality ones. The art that doesn’t pass our curator check will be hidden from Endemic.

What does that mean?

All AI art and Gen art will be concealed from sight on Endemic.

❗That doesn’t mean your art will be burned or disappear from your wallet.

It means you are free to place your art on some of the other marketplaces and we kindly ask artists who don’t pass our quality control to mint their NFTs on some of the Aurora chain marketplaces more suited to their needs and artistic vision.

Our goal is to completely change the Endemic artistic concept, moving towards quality, premium content, exclusivity, and the small number of NFT artists already proven in the real-life segment with various exhibitions, festivals, and awards.

Over the last few months, we’ve been thinking thoroughly about our vision and mission and decided to work hard to improve our product and give a better NFT experience.

Artistic guidelines for Endemic

With that being said, these are the several essential elements every future NFT on ETH Endemic must satisfy:

1. Originality & innovative artistic concept

2. Masterful technical and visual presentation

3. Effective artistic objective, theme & motive

4. Creative use of media

5. Inherent research and communication quality

6. Phygital connection & relation

Furthermore, we invite old and new Endemic artists who believe their work contains these elements, is of high quality and has real-life segments covered, to apply their work for the Endemic Ethereum Exhibition.

3E — Endemic Ethereum Exhibition

On the ETH launch day, Endemic Etherium Exhibition will be opened, both in our exclusive metaverse gallery as well as in a real-life European renowned gallery or museum.

Those artists who apply to present their work on 3E and pass the curation will likely be both exhibited and get the invite for minting on the Endemic marketplace.

Not a goodbye…

We sincerely respect each and every one of you as well as your work but believe it’s fair not to waste your time and effort if we’re not a good match and don’t share the same artistic vision and goals.

We’re thankful and humbled that you chose Endemic as a home for your artwork and we’re wishing you all the best both privately and professionally.

For all inquiries, please contact us on our social channels:

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