In case you were wondering…the Endemic team is alive and kicking

4 min readSep 1, 2022


Some of you maybe have been wondering… where the hack are those guys from Endemic?

True, with a crypto winter in the middle of the summer, we slightly slowed down our marketing and communication efforts but never stopped working behind the scenes.

Right now, we feel it’s the right time to get back on track, starting with a short reminder for you guys on what have we been doing lately.

1. Growing artistic community, building the Endemiverse

Our art team is constantly scouting for curators, NFT influencers, and gallery managers both in the physical & digital art world. We partnered with Monztre, Samtoshi F. Baby, Nightime studio, NEAR Hub, and Braća Burazeri just to name a few, with full announcements of these partnerships and new names coming soon. What we can reveal at the moment is our ongoing collaborations with those artists around our own collectible series as well as the whole Endemiverse. Can’t wait to show you everything.

2. Dope Stickers

For several months now, we’re having a blast of fun with our Endemic stickers. It all started when we created a creative challenge for our artists to create Memes & Stickers and get the craziest stickers ever. You can download them via the link for Telegram and use them in Discord as well. They will surely make your day and lift you up.

P.S. Badass new animated stickers coming soon!

3. Alert! Beach content ahead

You are on the vacation and already bored by the tumult of all the people around or even worse — the repeating songs on the local radio station? Let your thoughts dive into an NFT world while you feel the sun on your skin.

Here are several AMA recommendations:

Brothers Veljko and Milivoj from Prime Render

Amazing comic artist Danijel Žeželj

Conversation with mindblowing photo journalist Leslie Spurlock

4. Social in-app features


Have you noticed a little bell on Endemic, next to your profile avatar? It’s not a Taco Bell but the navigation bar where you can see the latest events that happened with your account.

NFT tips

Do you tip a friendly waiter? Now you can tip artists on Endemic, too! Go to the profile you’d like to tip and make someone’s day.


Become a king of the stats. Endemic now has top collections, top sellers, top buyers, and most liked NTFs metrics. Ready to climb on top of the list?

Email notifications

They’ll think there must be more than one of you. Get all important notifications from Endemic on your email and respond to your audience instantly. Every. Single. Time.

Endemic badges

Get the recognition you deserve as a user and an artist on Endemic! There are four Endemic badges:

  • Endemic Supporter
  • Endemic Collector
  • Endemic Artist
  • Endemic Superstar

How many did you collect?

NFT offers

Make an offer in ETH for the NFT you like. You decide how much you’re willing to pay and NFT owners decide if they want to sell.

What are we planning next?

  1. Amaze you with new Endemic features
  2. Announce artistic partnerships
  3. Update about Endemicles
  4. Introduce Endemiverse
  5. As well as our very own merch
  6. Some other hot stuff

Become part of the Endemic family

Join us on Endemic channels, that’s where all the fun is! Ask, comment and reshare, we’d love to see your name in our community. 🥰

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