Launch date revealed! Endemic is launching on January 15

PLUS Two-months report included

It is official! Endemic — the first invite-only social NFT marketplace on Aurora, built on top of the Near protocol, launches on Jan 15.

On the Endemic mainnet you will be able to find a desirable NFT among 3000 already curated rare pieces, purchase and exchange NFTs, like, comment on or follow someone’s work, connect and make a stronger crypto-art community. All of those are just main Endemic features and our team worked tirelessly in the past two months to welcome the New Year and launch more ready than ever.

Walkthrough our progress in November and December.

New features added

During November and December, the Endemic platform improved a lot. New features added: ARTIST category, collections, comment feature, verified status, stats (created, owned, on sale, volume). Besides that, we tweaked filtering and profile editing and made the app run stable and smooth. There were a few hiccups with the Aurora testnet network in beginning but the swift reaction of Aurora devs resolved everything.

Preview of the Endemic artist profile with stats, comments, likes, verification, etc.

Endemic Testnet made a boom 💥

After extraordinary work of our development team, Endemic testnet was officially opened for everyone on 15th December. The response was amazing! More than 1000+ users tried Endemic and left over 400+ feedback reports in just two weeks. We’re beyond grateful for such reactions as they helped us enormously in making the final preparations and checks for deploying to the main net.


Running the last lap before the mainnet 🏃‍♂

Thanks to your feedback and testing our team did over 100 updates to the testnet. The current dev focus is to polish and fix UI/UX issues until the mainnet launch. We also have a lot of stuff in the queue: the ability to make offers for NFTs that are not necessary on a sale, currently working on a notifications system for social components, we will enable minting video NFTs, etc.

Endemic became the first NFT marketplace on Aurora

As a swift reaction to the NFT market currently oversaturated with low-quality art, Endemic’s main idea was to be a curator-picked, community-driven, with social elements included, zero waste and affordable platform. Looking for the best possible solution to follow these requirements, and the right tech for our product leaning to Ethereum 2.0, Aurora proved to be the one. With its EVM smart contract on top of the NEAR protocol, our users get the warp-speed platform, fully compliant with Etherum (the usual MetaMask wallet flows with the Endemic platform), gas and mint free for all.

Read the full announcement about the Endemic — Aurora partnership here.

Smart contract audit successfully passed ✅

Zokyo did distinguishable security auditing and penetration testing services of our smart contract and confirmed Endemic passed it with the highest score.

Our smart contract:

  • Follows and implements the existing Token standards appropriately
  • Distributes tokens in a manner that matches calculations
  • Is safe from various hacking attacks and is not affected by the latest vulnerabilities
  • Has code that meets the best practices and documentation match logic and behaviour
  • Follows best practices and efficient use of gas, without unnecessary waste

Full official report with a perfect score of 100/100, you can find in this PDF file.

Endemic is in the process of NEAR Protocol grant

More info will be revealed soon.

Closing the deal with the first IDO

Plus opening opportunities for more IDO platforms. More info soon.

Seed funding round successfully closed

We are delighted to announce that the number of applications we have received for our $END token Seed Sale has led to an overwhelming oversubscription so we continued to collect Private Sale interest submissions which are still ongoing. Community whitelisting soon.

Working on DEX partnerships and collaboration

More info soon.

Preparing the real-life event’s agenda for 2022.

More info soon.

Around 180 collections curated

The Endemic curator team did an extraordinary job of curating more than 180 artist collections, tightening up collection quality and verifying truly unique 3000 artworks that will be available on Endemic launch (in just two weeks!).

Begun with the Endemic Artist AMAs every second Thursday

The Endemic team came up with a wonderful practice of presenting our artists and their artwork to the community. Every second Thursday we’re hosting a chit-chat with our artists, covering topics like NFT and art, revealing featured artists’ work and the story behind it. Since each of our artists has its unique style, Endemic Artist AMA is a perfect place for you to discover your next favorite creator.

Check out these recaps from the previous two Endemic AMAs with QLU Collective and Vice Tomasović.

Educating our artists

With the goal in mind of building a real endemic NFT community gathered around the Endemic, we couldn’t forget how important part of it is the education. Our practice was (and will continue to be) to provide guides and support for each onboarded artist (especially new to NFTs) for easier managing around. You could also see our team writing some proposals on how to form and prepare a full artist portfolio for best results.

One of the guides prepared for teaching how to create a wallet, how to connect it to the Endemic platform, get test tokens and buy NFTs is available in the blog post.

Group Exhibitions in progress

The art team is already preparing individual and group exhibitions planned on a weekly, monthly and annual basis depending on curatorial practices and current global topics. The thematic focus of the exhibitions will be on major global events and happenings with a socially aware and engaged approach. Some of the exhibitions you can expect soon are Endemic Pandemic, Minimal Maximal, Twin Art and more.

More videos, stickers and fun stuff coming

Activating Social Media channels

All of our social media accounts and communication groups actually started operation in the previous two months so each of new member or follower is a giant for us personally.

Here are our stats at the end of 2021:

| Medium | 8 published articles — 36 followers — 1158 views — 395 reads

| Discord | 368 members

| Telegram | 403 members

| Twitter | 880 followers

| Instagram | 198 followers

The community recognition

We’re thankful that Endemic got multiple recognitions and mentions along with the whole community. NEAR protocol and Aurora community greeted us magnificently with re-shares, follow-ups and even video mention by Aurora’s CEO Alex Shevchenko ·

Human Guild AMA guests

Endemic founders Stipe Plejić and Milan Mašanović were guests in the Human Guild Discord voice AMA session (Nov 19) and got the opportunity to present the Endemic marketplace to the Human Guild community.

Presenting Endemic locally

Together with our dear partners from Blank, we organized a Sneak Peek Meetup and presented the design, features and usability of the Endemic NFT marketplace. Artists, curators, associates and partners from the Split-Dalmatia scene got the opportunity to see firsthand how Endemic looks like and how to work in it.

The Endemic team grew

With great reactions on our testnet and as we’re closing to the launch date, the Endemic team had to expand. New developers joined our team and extra hands in final dev preparations for the mainnet. The marketing team got a new content creator and community channel manager and the art team got help with the curatorial process.

New month, new year, new goals. What’s next?

  1. Our team will use the next two weeks as best as possible making the final preparations and checks for deploying to the main net.
  2. Launching Endemic! 🥳 Save the date: JANUARY 15
  3. Onboarding more artists on the Endemic marketplace so you’ll have an excellent choice of NFTs at the launch
  4. Revealing partnerships and grants
  5. More Endemic Artist AMAs as well as community AMAs (more info soon)

In case you’re lost in time and still don’t know what Endemic is…

Endemic is a new NFT marketplace that runs on cool, fresh and original concepts and builds better and more modern tech and art. With a humane and anti-corporate attitude and a personal approach without mint and gas costs, we are an ideal marketplace for both new and renowned foreign and local artists starting in the NFT sphere. Endemic is not an anemic, colorless, mainstream marketplace — we are the cool alternative.

Bit more facts about what our invite-only NFT premium art station is:

  • Custom made
  • Artist/creator centric
  • Focused on quality art
  • With emphasized and developed social network components adapted in the crypto sphere
  • NFT Marketplace with soul

On top of this, to run our vision flawlessly we decided to adopt Aurora to solve the high fees hustle.

To find out why you’ll also love Endemic, we recommend you acknowledge all the reasons Endemic is different from the existing solutions. We wrote about it in this blog post.

Join us on Endemic channels, that’s where all the fun is! Ask, comment, reshare, we’d love to see your name in our community. 🥰

And see you in 2022!

We’re looking forward to the next year and the first NFT sales on Endemic.

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