LOUD Art Society NFT Auction, only on Endemic! Become the owner of this one-of-a-kind artwork and support a great cause.

LOUD (Let Optimism Unleash Dreams) Art Society, is an amazing organization built around the idea of pairing Art-Therapy with Mindfulness Services. The Artist Cameron Farn who is a board member of the LOUD Art Society and lives with bipolar and thought disorder as well as ADHD, has created a one-of-a-kind artwork dedicated to his wife Susan and her more serious struggles with mental health.

This Image titled “Tethered” was rendered specifically for the purpose of raising awareness and funding for the LOUD Art Society. It’s a deeply personal artwork for both him and his wife and we are happy to share their story…see it now on the LOUD webpage and place a winning bid on the artwork which is on auction now exclusively on Endemic.

“The figure in tethered is long and lean, stretched and pulled like taffy by an unstoppable upward force. The arrow or inverted anchor headdress is fixed to the figure with spikes, like a lasting and relentless trauma, as its wing-like forms provide lift in an invisible breeze. Golden spikes rest in each hand, frozen in positions that lead the observer to question if they are being removed or inserted. Is the figure in a state of hope or a state of despair? A golden tether connects the figure to a grounding stone, its weight fixing the figure in time and place while on the edge of impermanence.”

When this piece sells, 90% of the earnings will be gifted to the LOUD Art Society and 10% will be gifted to the artist to fund further amazing artworks. Place the highest offer now and you can take home this one-of-a-kind artwork!


About LOUD Art Society

LOUD (Let Optimism Unleash Dreams) Art Society is a Calgary-based not-for-profit organization offering unique artistic services which help to create a positive mental health environment. The organization is honored to enhance mental health and wellbeing through different projects, programs, and events. They specialize in offering art programs that integrate Art-therapy and Mindfulness services.

LOUD Art Society (LAS) is committed and dedicated to promoting positive psychology, art, and creativity to create higher emotional intelligence through education. To achieve these goals (LAS) partners with different communities, organizations, and businesses to bring art where it is the most beneficial.

They strive to connect and engage families, at-risk youth, and vulnerable individuals with art and creative activities, art therapists, and artists to prevent and fight anxiety, depression, self-harm, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); and optimize overall health. Also, they want to make it easier and more affordable to maintain a healthy lifestyle in as many communities as possible, and for that, they need your help.



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