More than 50 real world artists made transition to digital art during Endemic Week

2 min readAug 16, 2023

Endemic Week is an event that enabled us to achieve the largest onboarding of real-world artists on the digital marketplace so far, thereby stepping strongly where no one has gone before and opening a whole new art market for the web3 community.

We have done the biggest real-world artists onboarding in the world so far. Endemic recently made the transition to Ethereum, and just on the Endemic Week we onboarded more than fifty high-end physical artists on our platform portfolio who have transferred their works to digital form. Stipe Plejić, StoneBlock President and Endemic CEO

Endemic Week as a movement to include real world artists into the digital world of art

There is no simpler way to describe the Endemic Week than to say that, much like the art on the platform, every element of this conference has been thoughtfully curated.

Over the course of three days, more than fifty real-world artists gathered to exhibit their physical works, gain insights into digital art, engage in panel discussions with industry experts, and explore the potential of NFT as a medium for creating digital art and ownership.

The conference took place within the premises of Agroom, the first IT & Blockchain island in the world. Agroom serves as a vibrant hub that unites the web3 community, companies, and venture capitalists, offering a conducive environment for project testing, development, infrastructure support, consulting, and networking.

The physical high-end art market is experiencing a fundamental metamorphosis, where traditional reliance solely on collectors has evolved into a forward-looking, technology-embracing landscape.

Our main idea was to create a custom-made, artist-centric platform with unique art and social elements so users can have a fully interactive user experience.” Stipe Plejić, StoneBlock President and Endemic CEO

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