Muti x Endemic — the new artistic partnership NEAR community will love

2 min readApr 5, 2022

With a common goal of blending the digital with the physical and bringing as many as possible world-class artists to the NFT sphere, especially NEAR, Muti and Endemic are happy to announce our artistic partnership.

Together, we’ll try to enable quality local artists in Portugal to present their work worldwide without high commissions and fees, but in cool, positive and carbon-neutral ways.

We spiritedly await all the amazing content and NFTs Muti is preparing for the Endemic community as soon as we’re up and running on NEAR Protocol.

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About Muti

Muti is a creative collective that organises multi-disciplinary events in Portugal, which combine various different art forms. They are also a collective that cares for its artists and wants to blend the digital with the physical in positive ways and incentivise a cultural movement in rural areas of Portugal.

About Endemic

Endemic is a new NFT marketplace that runs on cool, fresh and original concepts and builds better and more modern tech for art. With a humane and anti-corporate attitude and a personal approach, we are an ideal marketplace for both new and renowned foreign and local artists starting in the NFT sphere. Our vision goes beyond just being a place for artists and collectors to buy and sell art. Yes, you can expect beautiful and rare high-art NFT pieces like no others, creatively crafted with world-class talents and carefully picked by our curators. Unlike other marketplaces in the world, the team around Endemic thrives to support local artists and help them leave a trace in the art world. We want to connect people around the right values, enable social network interaction, educate them about the NFT world and encourage real-life events and networking.