NFT collectibles — new course of the digital art

Baseball caps, coins, stones, posters, movies, seashells, toys, art, manuscripts, stamps, coffee mugs…people tend to collect various things.

These are mostly the collectables you’ve heard of. We bet you did it too at some point in your lives.

What changed in today's fast-paced world is a new digital era where this primarily physical market is completely evolving with the times. That’s how crypto and NFT collectables came to be.

What are crypto collectables?

The concept of collectables is probably known to you. They are prized possessions, usually rare and unique in some way and people are willing to pay good money for them. Crypto collectables are no different — but instead of having a box of stamps under the bed, these unique items are minted on the blockchain. Not only that, but they become really popular in recent years and a highly preferred form of online investment. And it’s what excites very much all gathered around the Endemic NFT marketplace.

And we’re not talking just about art. Art is only one example of what it can be.

If you’re not aware, there are also gaming collectables, where players can buy weapons, avatars or accessories that sometimes are even required to complete the missions and sometimes just for exchanging with other players and profiting. Also, sports collectables such as kits and accessories, trading cards, and video clips of incredible moments. And all other interesting things that might not be popular yet but will be for sure — especially old and rare physical items.

But when talking about art, some of the most famous collectables you’ve heard of probably are NBA Top Shot, basketball trading cards that track the ownership through non-fungible tokens put on a blockchain. Or Crypto Kitties, which takes pride in being one of the first types of non-fungible tokens at the time when the movement started or even the Bored Ape Yacht club which earned an enormous amount of money.

Why do we think NFT collectables are important?

Behind the whole NFT story lies a dedicated community of artists, supporters and collectors who are pouring their love and energy into a shift called a digital art economy. They are the reason why digital collectables are gaining in popularity and influence.

And that’s not only because people love to collect stuff. Yes, there are numerous reasons for collecting and the whole psychology behind it. Some do it for fun or enjoyment. Others ‘cuz it strike a sentimental cord or reflects interest. Status or prestige is a common motive, too.

Regardless of why collecting is ubiquitous. And collectables are changing the NFTs (maybe are even the best NFTs can offer — but we leave that for you to judge).

What we see with collectables today are NFTs that are evolving to have more utility cases in art, but also various industries like gaming and entertainment. They’ve been used as an exclusive pass to clubs, communities or even in-person experiences and we believe it will continue to give an even greater impact on the world.

The good news is that you don’t need to have the wealth of Elon Musk (or even Gary Vee) to participate in the enormous collectables market — unique and rare (useful) pieces are affordable to many and especially one that will be on the Endemic marketplace.

How we see NFT collectables inside Endemic

As you have probably mastered, Endemic is a curator-picked NFT marketplace with carefully chosen premium art. Best of the best from all around the world. By now, we presented many beautiful artworks from already verified artists on our social media channels. But, individual art is not the only thing we offer. Fascinated by hardworking and devoted artists with strong determination and thoughtful ideas, NFT collectables are definitely going to be one big part of our offer.

Did you know? We already integrated NFT attributes as a feature on the Endemic marketplace giving an opportunity to all verified artists who mint artwork to add attributes pertaining to the asset and distinguish their NFT as rare. Given your own signature in the metadata, your work becomes more desirable and more expensive.

Not only that, but the marketplace itself will have the native collectables we like to call Endemicles and envision them to eventually form into rich ecosystems of different assets and projects, rather than existing as one-off NFTs like a digital art piece. Each of them will offer plenty of benefits, including liquidity and usability.

But let’s not reveal everything at the moment. Don’t forget to stay tuned and follow our channels because more on this topic is coming in the following days.

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