SNAFU and Endemic are joining creative forces

We are very happy to announce an important and creative partnership between SNAFU and Endemic NFT Marketplace!

Both SNAFU and Endemic visions are similar and we both want to help artists and support good quality art, this is why we think that joining our forces on this side will allow both projects to prosper and will bring benefits both to artists and to collectors.

The partnership will be structured in two phases:

Phase 1

SNAFU will mint their project Bored David on Aurora blockchain and will use Endemic as the default marketplace.

The collectors of Endemic will receive some hot Bored David giveaways too, so stay ready for that.

Phase 2

SNAFU is preparing its fourth Collection (yeah, you heard it, the new collection is near!) and its NFTs will be sold on Endemic as soon as our NEAR migration is up and running.


Completely emerging in the NFT sphere, SNAFU is an Italian underground Artists Collective 2.0 that proposes the creation of a coin whose value could be strictly bound to the artworks sold through the collective as NFTs (Non-Fungible Token). The coin’s purpose will be to create a DAO that will decide how to sustain the artistic collective’s initiatives, financing projects, and young artists. They established an emerging platform that leverages the new power NFTs have brought to the art world to provide a steadier revenue stream to the global and local art community.

The amazing project that is part of our partnership is Bored David — a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture, created by the Italian artist Michelangelo, that SNAFU decided to use as their mascot. We absolutely love this project and can’t wait for the mint soon.

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