Step by step guide for getting started on the Endemic Testnet

All you need to know from creating your first wallet to the actual (test) purchase

Good day to you and many thanks for your willingness to try out our platform. To fully experience the possibilities of the Endemic NFT marketplace and try out every segment there are some settings you have to deal with. To make these formalities painless for you, we’re going to guide you through every step of the process with all details included. So sit back and enjoy, we’ve got you covered.

Before adding the wallet (only for pure beginners)

If you’re a complete beginner and you don’t even know what MetaMask is, we recommend you start with this step. In short, you need MetaMask to buy, store and send tokens as it equips you with a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange — everything you need to manage your digital assets. Its set-up is pretty simple and all you have to do is follow these 3 steps:

  1. Open MetaMask on and just click the Download button.

2. MetaMask basically behaves like any other Chrome extension you might have (like Adblocker, Grammarly, some tab management tools and others). So, by clicking the download button, you’ll get a new window in which you have to confirm your preferred browser. Note: MetaMask is available on Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Edge.

Now, click install for Chrome for completing step two.

3. The last step is to confirm adding MetaMask to Chrome. Voila! Your MetaMask is now successfully added to the browser you operate.

This leads us to the next task — connecting a wallet.

How to connect a wallet in MetaMask extension (or create one)

There are two ways of connecting a wallet to MetaMask — either importing your existing wallet or creating a new one. In case you already have a wallet, importing it should be a breeze. You’ll just be asked to write your Secret Recovery Phrase and password in order to connect your wallet.

For those who don’t have a wallet or don’t even know what the secret-something-something is — let’s start from the beginning.

The Secret Recovery Phrase is the most important part of having a crypto wallet. It is a key unlocking your wallet and you should guard it like it’s a map and key to Erebor. Our advice is that no one but you know this secret combination of words because you never know what might happen to your precious digital assets. Hide it, bury it, lock it, whatever you need to do, just let it be only for your eyes.

Now that we hopefully mastered it, let’s create a wallet together. Firstly, click on the ‘create a wallet’ button (like on the pic below).

You should see a window for generating your own password. We know this should go without saying, but — make it strong, please ;)

After creating a password you’ll get to the Secret Recovery Phrase step (the one we were holding a monologue for a few moments ago). It consists of twelve words you’ll have to remember in exact order.

That’s it, you have a wallet now (and it’s connected with MetaMask). We believe everything went smoothly and if you get stuck somewhere, those beautiful MetaMask instructions all along the way and the impressive FAQ base are worth reading.

I connected everything, now what?

Reasonable question. Since MetaMask interacts with Ethereum-compatible blockchains such as Aurora, and Endemic is the first NFT marketplace on Aurora, our next task will be connecting MetaMask to the Aurora testnet network.

The most efficient way would be to go to the Endemic testnet, click connect wallet, click Metamask logo and just confirm the prefilled data for joining the Aurora testnet network. It looks like this:

In case if that for some reason doesn’t work with you, there is a longer, more detailed procedure you can follow.

Firstly, in the top-right corner of the MetaMask click on the network selection drop-down and then click ‘Add network’.

Fill in the form with the following information, click ‘Save’ and you should see Aurora Testnet is now the network selected in MetaMask.

CHAIN ID: 1313161555
Currency Symbol: ETH

You will find the required data for Mainnet (when ready) on the following link.

The last thing left — connecting it to Endemic (finally). If you already aren’t, go to the Endemic testnet and click on that charming MetaMask fox.

It will open a two-step confirmation of your account. Last two clicks before setting it all up.

This is how it should look when Endemic and MetaMask are connected. Always be sure you are ON THE AURORA TESTNET network (not Ethereum one) because that’s the place you can play around and test the Endemic functionality.

Consider this an official invitation — play, test and share your thoughts about Endemic (Feedback Google Form). Disclaimer: We love to talk about this project and NFTs.

How to add tokens to Endemic Testnet and buy NFTs

While we don’t doubt you’ll have a good time checking out social media components Endemic has as well as some respectful NFTs already on the Testnet, at the end of the day we know what’s essential — buying and selling art.

Follow these simple instructions on how to add tokens to Endemic Testnet and enjoy experiencing your first Endemic purchases in, we hope, many more yet to come. (Keep in mind, this would be just a testing buy and sell).

  1. Copy your account from the MetaMask interface (with the Aurora Testnet network selected), enter this webpage and click the ‘Connect to Aurora Testnet’ button.

2⃣ Double-check and confirm you are on the right account and then just request your demo ETH.

Your demo token is automatically added to your MetaMask account which means you now have the funds for spending on Endemic Testnet art.

Brief check at the end

In this step by step guide, we connected MetaMask to the Aurora Testnet, deployed 1 ETH from the faucet, and transferred that token using MetaMask. The only difference to doing this on the original Ethereum network was setting the RPC endpoint to be Aurora’s.

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