Strike while the iron is hot: Mint your NFT and enter the global art market

4 min readJun 22, 2023

Collecting has largely moved online and opened up a new market for artists on a global scale. NFT platforms give artists instant access to a global audience and allow artists to gain exposure in the NFT market.

You are an artist, a painter, for example, you have a bunch of paintings that no one bought because you think self-promotion is vulgar, you believe that you have a divine gift that the masses do not value adequately (because you think that the masses are blind), the patronage is extinct and you are making ends meet, and truth be told, you don’t even try to acquire material goods and social security… You despise the so-called commercial art. Therefore, you necessarily associate commercial with something less valuable. You tend to whine and expect to be recognized as a genius only postmortem… If you have recognized yourself, you are a bohemian.

Maybe you see yourself as sublime, but the bitter truth is that you are stuck in ancient, romantic times and you are not aware that a painting lives only when someone looks at it and enjoys its beauty or genius. In other words, you should be reminded that keeping a pile of paintings in the studio is like winking at a girl in the dark.

Even if you are not practical by nature, you should at least start somewhat and try to breathe life into your actions. As we have already mentioned, a painting lives only if it is exhibited somewhere or if someone has bought it, thus adding value to it.

A gateway to a global audience

There is a revolutionary new-age solution: your baby can live in digital form and feed you, without leaving its dark corner. If you are still ready to give up the painting in its analog, physical form, you can send it to a new address after its digital life and forget about a life full of complaints about being misunderstood.

If you’re not stuck in the past, we believe you’ve already heard about the exciting world of NFTs. Gone are the days when artists made their money mostly from sales shows and similar events; it was their only way to make money until NFT trading came along.

Now collecting has largely moved to the internet and opened up a new market for artists, on a global scale. NFT platforms give artists instant access to a global audience and allow artists to gain exposure in the NFT market.

Democratization of art

Anyone with internet access can make NFTs. Some will make good money. For example, French artist Joanie Lemercier sold out his NFT in 10 seconds and made thousands of dollars.

Understandably, it’s not just artists who make money. It is convenient to recall some somewhat bizarre examples. So someone in approx. a 50-second video of the singer and Elon Musk’s girlfriend Grimes was bought for $390,000. The first NFT property sold was Mars’ house, for which the new owner paid more than half a million dollars. He was very pleased to receive 3D files that could be loaded into the metaverse and used as a home for his own avatar. The most expensive Hermes Baby Birkin virtual bag costs $443,000… and so on.

When it comes to artists, the best will be those who already have a “name”, who are fashionable or are simply hyped. This does not mean that there are no accidental discoveries. Either way, it’s worth a try.

In addition to a lot of luck and a good reputation, you also need to invest something: the required investment is the fee for minting NFTs on the Blockchain. This enables artists to put their own works of art on the market. If they keep in mind the huge potential that the NFT market offers them, these stakes can be considered negligible.

Who would have thought that after CryptoKitties, a game where you can breed and sell virtual pets, appeared in 2017, things would develop in this direction. It was not the first project with the concept of NFT, but it started to be talked about more and more. The reason was the price of one Tamagotchi, which reached 172.00 dollars at the auction.

Today, NFT is trending and, despite some ominous speculation, it seems that it has no intention of letting up.

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