This is why Endemic isn’t just another NFT marketplace

Let’s be serious for a second and answer this.

Why do people buy and collect art?

There are some obvious reasons — they want to decorate their home or make a statement, they support the artist they know, they love art, they invest in art. Some may even say — because they have money for that or because they seek to accumulate possessions no one else has.

People are different and all of those reasons apply. There is a lot more, but we’d like to underline one from the top of the list: joining a community.

Getting together with fellow collectors means discussing artists, styles, collections and the latest trends. Part of collecting also means creating and strengthening social bonds, and as a way for collectors to communicate information about themselves and the world. On the other hand, artists benefit from communities as an excellent source of inspiration and motivation. Receiving feedback, learning new techniques, having a meaningful conversation with like-minded individuals…, it just improves you as an artist.

The art community has a strong bond.

That was our guiding star in building Endemic. We wanted an NFT marketplace for artists, collectors and buyers but keeping that community aspect. So we built social network elements within and now we’re the first social network and NFT marketplace in one.

If you enter the phrase “First social network marketplaces” in Google, you’ll find a bunch of others promising the same thing (without even getting to the second page). So what is it all about?

5 reasons why Endemic is different

Thank you for asking. This is the part you’ll get to know why Endemic isn’t just another NFT marketplace.

Reason #1: Social networks and NFT marketplace are actually on the same app

By definition, Endemic is like other NFT marketplaces — anyone can buy or sell any Digital Assets or NFT here. The marketplace is also used to store, display, or show trading and create NFT or any digital assets. Artists will be able to edit their profile so it catches the eye, put some info and present the artwork.

What’s different is this — on the Endemic marketplace, you’ll also be able to like and comment on each other’s work, blog and chat. There are some existing platforms having social network elements (like Showtime), but they only showcase the art and then redirect the whole buying process to most famous marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible and others. Now, there is no need for that switching because both marketplace and social network are built on the same platform.

Some collectors enjoy the thrill of the search, carefully researching before encountering that perfect artwork for the collection. Others like to connect with a certain artist, following their journey and feeling a kinship because of their background, style of work or life story. We say, just go for it, Endemic is for all of that.

Reason #2: First Invite-only NFT marketplace on Aurora, built on top of the NEAR protocol

Art collectors and investors will love our invitation-only system. Endemic operates in a decentralized invite-only NFT marketplace on Aurora. In other words, it’s no one-size-fits-all but an invitation-only platform with carefully hand-picked world-class artists. Only artists who are invited by our art team or passed the verification process from our curatorial team will be able to post their artworks on the Endemic platform as verified artists.

This means more unique works and NFTs with some sort of “premium” value. Of course, each artwork is authentically created by an artist on the platform and tokenized as a crypto-collectable digital item that you can own and trade. Truly premium NFT art station.

Reason #3: Making digital art personal

What we missed in all of the existing marketplaces is that personal touch. There is no good-old-fashioned way of experiencing art and getting to know people, it all comes down to just shopping for some pics. Remember when you looked at the picture and wondered what’s the story behind it? When you wanted to know who made the artists so sad or who’s that beautiful lady in the portrait?

Endemic is keeping that kind of an old-school way in a new digital era. You will have the whole artwork intro, inspiration source, meaning of the artwork and lots of details collector/buyer would like to know and artist would like to share. The social media part gives you the opportunity to ask the artist whatever you wanted to know about the piece. This way you can establish a deeper connection, experience art much better before the purchase decision and get the chance to truly believe in the asset and its value. NFT marketplace with soul.

Reason #4: Supporting local artists

Art and culture have the ability to enhance the quality of life for a community. It builds bridges between cultures and brings us together regardless of ethnicity, religion, or age. Not only can it bring a community together, but it can also promote economic growth in a country.

We chose unique local art as our focus because it’s more affordable to buy and support for any art lover while you get the content that resonates with you. While other similar platforms allow social media influencers to mint their posts into content NFTs and put them up for sale, Endemic has a different purpose. We are on the mission of giving the voice and opportunity for small established artists all over the world. When we support local creativity, we’re empowering artists to keep exploring their hobbies and showing the world how needed they truly are. A marketplace that nurtures basing human values, putting everybody in the spotlight.

Reason #5: Going beyond digital

It’s no secret artists’ only hope is to create enough awareness through local communities and networks to get their work out there. Endemic enables that by giving the space on which they can present art and a possibility to interact with their supporters. But, we are not planning on stopping here.

We’ll also provide users with the exclusive right to interact through bidding and purchasing at art exhibitions in the virtual space. The thematic focus of the exhibitions will be on major global events and happenings with a socially aware and engaged approach.

Maybe the highlight of our project will be real-life NFT festivals in the representative space of Art Galleries. The multi-day festival is conceived as a platform for meeting and connecting with people from the art and start-up scene with the exchange of ideas and examples of good practice, through the strengthening of resources and synergy. You can never regret the amazing experience of an art festival, especially if NTFs are included, right?

Wrap up — Endemic brings forward core foundation of NFT culture

Endemic is a new NFT marketplace that runs on cool, fresh and original concepts and builds better and more modern tech for art. With a humane and anti-corporate attitude and a personal approach without mint and gas costs, we are an ideal marketplace for both new and renowned foreign and local artists starting in the NFT sphere. Endemic is not an anaemic, colourless, mainstream marketplace — we are the cool alternative.

Sounds fun? Come and join us

We are a bit more excited every new day as our launch date closes.


Until then, follow our communication channels since we are preparing exclusive and unique art drops for our community and a whitelist announcement for our governance token ;)

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