Unlocking the future of art — Endemic has been migrated to Ethereum

4 min readMay 14, 2023

New home for high-end art and artists

As we announced earlier, the Endemic marketplace has been migrated to Ethereum as of this moment, and with this move has become a place for even higher quality art, artists, and functionalities that we will gradually introduce.

The new era of art.

Ethereum is the first and most widely used smart contract platform. Whether you’re a seasoned collector, an up-and-coming artist, or just curious about the world of NFTs, the security and interoperability of Ethereum are going to be a treat for you.

Aurora was an important checkpoint in our development but with the market slowly awakening, we decided it was time to move on.

With this move, we will not only be able to offer a higher quality of art, and a larger number of quality artists and collections, but we have made it possible to make new higher-quality partnerships that will provide a number of benefits for artists and the community, in the form of free mints, airdrops, on-chain and off-chain events, and more.

The intersection of all art communities.

NFT marketplace can’t live without artists and community, and Endemic puts an increased focus on both.

The in-house art team is in daily communication with new artists, and the benefits for the community allow us to become the intersection of all art communities, create a larger network and thus become a truly endemic place for art, and education.

Any true lover of art, be it IRL or digital NFT art will not be able to miss Endemic. This way, we will provide IRL artists with education and community building, and digital artists with a place where their art will be appreciated and find investors and collectors who want it in their collections.

Endemic Web2.5 experience.

We are making onboarding of new quality artists and collectors to web3 much easier because we combine the best solutions of web2 and web3 together in 1 quality user experience. Everybody will be able to explore, read blogs, comment or like certain NFTs, follow artists or even buy NFTs without having to own/connect a wallet. That’s what we call ENDEMIC WEB2.5 EXPERIENCE.

Strategic partnerships and portfolio building

Top art requires top partnerships. Art is something different for everyone and everyone thinks about art in a different way.

We are extremely happy that in this diversity we have the opportunity to enter into a partnership with creatives of the highest standard.

Artbox is truly a centre for art. With more than 100 artists around the globe, this partnership will allow the entire Endemic community and art lovers to push the boundaries of understanding digital art, and find exclusive collections that will not be found anywhere else.

What rarely happens is the creation of bonds based on the same values, and Endemic’s diversity is our strength, just as the team at Artbox likes to say about themselves.

Of course, all this would not be possible without our Early Access partners, who will also work closely with Artbox and with whose help we will be able to offer the Early Access and Endemic audience exclusive collections, free mint, airdrop and similar benefits related to top collections and art.

Top art is found on Endemic and it’s a standard you won’t find anywhere else.

What does this change mean for artists?

After making the first groundbreaking steps, being introduced to and getting familiar with the amazing NFT community and artists, we pushed into warp speed towards our prime goal of being the best high-art NFT marketplace on the market.

Our focus stays the same — high-quality 1/1 original artwork & rare phygital art, quality, premium content, and NFT artists already proven in the real-life segment with various exhibitions, festivals, and awards.

A new renowned international curator team helped us as all art on Endemic is curated. Lately, they’ve been working around the clock and reviewing all artists, collections, and artworks minted on Endemic. In that process, some of the works were removed from the Endemic artwork portfolio.

❗Important info for all artists and collectors whose art is hidden❗

Although your art won’t be visible to the collectors and the community, it stays in your wallet as we can not burn, destroy or steal it. Thanks Web3 tech for that level of security. We support you to place your art on some of the other marketplaces on the Aurora chain that are a better match for you and your art. We’re thankful and humbled that you chose Endemic as a home for your artwork and we wish you all the best both privately and professionally.

Impacting the NFT community

We’ve been always trying to create a thriving ecosystem where everyone benefits from being part of the network — from bridging the IRL art segment with blockchain tech to the possibility of social elements and real interaction with collectors, supporters, and other artists.

Endemic is a curator service, art gallery, social network, and NFT marketplace, all in one.

NFT, PBT, and SBT combined into one seamless and meaningful experience of finding, buying, and selling art.

Endemic thus becomes a truly endemic NFT marketplace.

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And spread the word to fellow artists

…that there’s a marketplace with the most top-notch art of them all.

We invite all old and new high-art artists with some real-life segments to apply and become ETH Endemic artists. Amazing time is ahead of us! Endemic artists.

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