On the Endemic team, we love taking the opportunity of talking with the community about art and NFT related topics in “Ask Me Anything”. Every other Thursday we gather in our Discord voice channel, sharing insights into the NFT and crypto trends, learning about particular collections and artwork and asking the right questions every NFT artist can identify with. If you haven’t listened to our AMA’s in December, check out recaps with QLU Collective and Vice Tomasović.

As part of our ongoing commitment to communicate and participate in #NFTcommunity, we’re kicking off two more AMA’s in January and the first ones in 2022. Join, ask and meet fantastic people on these upcoming dates:

JAN 06 — Eugen Varzić — collection Hyper realisation

JAN 20 — Jordan Gray — AiruCHAN

Hyper opportunity for classic technique and portrait lovers

After presenting his pieces to numerous public and private venues, private collections throughout Croatia and the world, as well as in sacred venues, Eugen Varzić decided to go digital. As he said: “Times are changing and he wants to be part of that change.” Specialized in painting in Madrid and working with Eloy Morales and Antonio Garcia Lopez, this artist has been rewarded multiple times for his art, and is in the lexicons and guides of modern and contemporary art, in Italy and Spain.

In our talk, we’ll be focusing on Eugen’s set of 38 paintings made in oil on canvas and called the Hyper realisation. With bravura art technique, which many envy this artist for, Varzić set new canons of postmodern iconography. His models are his wife, children, and acquaintances, constant models transformed into new imaginary worlds through which he’s reminiscing about events and moments in life. Artist is trying to present situations in which we all found ourselves and lead us to the truth of the beauty of everyday life. The detail that will surely leave the most impression on every picture — the eyes.

Hear from the expert and a true community leader

Right after the Endemic launch, we’re hosting a special AMA with a special guest directly from San Francisco. Jordan Gray is a crypto-art expert who serves as NEAR’s Transformation and Integration Lead as well as Founder and Managing Director of an art and technology nonprofit organization called CODAME. Besides that, Jordan releases his music, photography, and multimedia, he’s featured in New York Times, Vice, Engadget, etc. and is a lead organizer of Card4Card, an art swap similar to trading cards.

Being in the art-tech cross-over for multiple years now, there is surely a lot we can hear from his experiences. Innovating and collaborating with the whole network of coders, designers, and artists gathered around the CODAME, Jordan has a lot to share both for experience people in the NFT sphere as well as artists and techies who want to get started in the crypto art world.

Did we mention he’s putting some of his NFTs under the name staRpauSe on Endemic at our launch? Check these pieces out.

Join us on Discord

Our Discord channel is a place to be if you want to hear more from these two exquisite individuals as well as the growing Endemic community. Join us now and stay updated with all exciting Endemic happenings.



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