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We’re making the Endemic NFT marketplace more neet and helpful with new features constantly coming and old improving. Like ones that help you sell your work more easily, or new ways to express yourself. Find out what’s available and try our unique features.

  1. Support for some new ERC20 tokens

Ether is not the only currency for trading with NFTs on Endemic. We’re happy to announce you can use Aurora and Wrapped NEAR as well, but be aware that fees are different for trading in different tokens.

2. Sell it privately

If you decide to sell your NFT to someone you know but without putting your NFT publicly on sale, you can do that now. Private sale is available on Endemic!

3. Feature for the hesitant

Can’t decide which NFT to choose and buy? Create a collection offer! The first NFT owner that accepts the proposal gets the money and you get his NFT.

4. Don’t be a fudge, auction Dutch

We added a Dutch auction, a type of auction where investors place a bid for the amount they are willing to buy, and the purchase is determined after taking all bids into consideration. As an artist, you can set up starting and ending prices for your piece and the duration.

5. What’s new with you?

Because of its social network components, you probably know how we always say Endemic is a unique NFT marketplace. Well, among all other social features now we introduce you to ‘user updates’ — in other words, status. Tell your followers what’s new with you, announce that you have just minted a new collection or NFT, ask for an opinion, or start a conversation. Maybe you can get some inspo through comments or sell a piece much faster than a competition.

6. Notice our bar on a side

And we’re not talking about drinks. The Endemic profile menu is all new and updated as a sidebar. Before you could see only links to some user-specific pages and now you can also see the state of your wallet balances for tokens that you can use on Endemic.

When we see an app we’ve been using from launch getting new features

All the small things

Besides those large changes, our dev team also worked on other features, that made Endemic stable and smooth for the user. Here are some smaller features that make our marketplace even better.

  • We optimized NFT minting so now you will pay fewer gas fees when minting NFT
  • By adding a sorting option on the Artists page now it is easier to find artists you like
  • Improved filtering of NFTs on the Artwork page. Now it is easier to find NFT you like in some price range
  • We updated the form for adding a new collection. Now you can set royalties for collection NFTs as you create a collection
  • If you are interested in what happens in the marketplace, optimized filters on the Activity page, making it more intuitive now than before
  • Added support for new lines in NFT descriptions and user bios
  • Added better rankings page (all time, 30 days, 7 days, 24 hours)
  • Added support for WebM video files
  • Increased file upload size limit from 32MB to 50MB
  • Codebase preparations for multi-chain support
  • Various performance optimizations and improvements

P.S. Have you noticed Endemic redesigns?

There are some styling and functional changes to our navigation bar and a search bar (we improved it so now you can see search results more clearly). Also, you’ll find our home page, collection page, and activity page more beautiful and user-friendly.

The same goes for our social media posts.

What do you think of all the changes?

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