ZoA x Endemic: Contest winner Endy becoming a gameplay character

One of the hottest NFT-integrated P2E games about to launch is Zone of Avoidance — ZoA. It’s a PVP/PVE, P2E, NFT-based auto battler in which the universe becomes your campaign ground. Basically, there are different heroes represented as cards of differing rarity that you can use to fight other players and amass resources. You buy your NFT spaceship, fill it with these heroes and embark on your mission out of the New Milky Way toward the Zone of Avoidance. As you hop between planets you’ll discover valuable commodities and fight the inhabitants willing to do anything to protect them.

If you’re into games, we sincerely advise you to try this one, especially because we got a little surprise.

Endy a game character

The newly elected Endemic mascot and one winner from the 40 applicants are becoming one of the characters in the ZoA game! This amazing little fella’, who looks like a mashup of Marge Simpson and Zoidberg in Endemic colours, was loved so much by the ZoA creators that he is being promoted to one of the in-game bosses you’ll be able to fight.

Beyond this, the ZoA and Endemic teams are entering into an amazing partnership to support all of our goals and the use of our Endy mascot and mutual promotion is just the tip of the iceberg.

So, wait no more! Pick your faction, recruit your army and make your claim to the universe. There are 5 expansive galaxies, each with 12 planets ready for you to conquer, on one of which you’ll encounter our fearsomeEndy!

Learn more about ZoA

Whitepaper | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Website



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