Free Mint Marathon

4 min readMar 1, 2022

Our early adopters (who were with us before FEB 22) will always stay close to our hearts and that’s why they were the first ones who got the opportunity to join the Endemic mint sprint. Luckily, Endy, the octopus has three hearts so there is plenty of space for all new community members.

Meaning — we have new opportunities to get Endemicles free mint both for new members just joining Endemic channels and early supporters (who already got one NFT).

Here’s how.

As a celebration of the Endemic launch, we prepared three ways to win the marathon race. It’s called a marathon since this campaign will be ongoing, without an expiration date for now.

Three ways to win the marathon race

TRAIL 1 — first way to win the race

Show the love and bolster support towards Endemic NFT artists and enable them with more sales.

This trail has only one rule: Buy one or more NFTs on Endemic for a minimum price of 0.22 ETH. It can be just one NFT worthing at least 0.22 ETH or you can combine several of them until you reach that number. If you asked yourself why 0.22, just remember the date of our launch ;)

No catch. No additional middle steps. The shortest way to get your Endemicles. When you find NFTs you like and make a purchase write us in our Discord channel #apply-for-trail pasting your Endemic profile link to prove the 0.22 volume.

TRAIL 2 — second way to win the race

The second way to get whitelisted is to help us spread the word about the Endemic and get involved in our community — be truly part of the Endemic family.

According to your engagement on our social media channels, our team will reward the most prominent members with NFTs from the Endemic collectibles series.

The second requirement we’ll be looking at is this — you have to reach LVL 10 on the Discord channel. Having Discord as our main communication channel with our community, this trail will mostly be focused there.

Here are some tips on how to catch our eye:

✅ Have conversations meaningful conversations. We admire those who are not afraid to reach out for help or feedback, to give advice, or give a hand.

✅ Comment, like, follow. Give support on Endemic too because that’s what differs us from the other marketplaces on the market.

✅ Retweet others’ work, important announcements, repost favorite works, create memes and fan art on how much you love being a part of this community. Simply, engage with our social media.

✅ Make sure to engage with our discord emoji reactions too!

✅ Give and ask a feedback

✅ We appreciate every member that invites other members to our channels. Of course, being an organic and bot-free community, we’ll immediately ban those who bring bots but bringing real beautiful people won’t go unnoticed

✅ Change your social covers (you can find dozens of them on for free here) and add ”┃Endemic” alongside your name

❌ Personal attacks, harassment, racism, bigotry, doxing, and harmful slurs of any kind will not be tolerated as well as shilling, spamming and similar. Our folks are friendly people so please treat each other with respect.

TRAIL 3 — third way to win the race

Don’t feel like buying NFT or engaging much with other people? Join in our random occasional activities all across Endemic social media channels and earn a free NFT.

The map for this trail (more info about the challenges) is going to be published on our Discord and Telegram channel.

Mind this, they are going to be super fun and easy and happening by surprise.

Conditions to meet

If you want to win Endemicles NFT whether, through trials 1, 2, or 3, there are several rules you need to know.

  1. You have to be in BOTH our Telegram and Discord channel
  2. You have to have a profile on Endemic
  3. Like and RT this tweet
  4. Choose your trail

Important! You can get 1 NFT per trial, 3 NFTs in total (making it four all together for our early supporters who were with us before FEB 22 and already got Endemic mint sprint free NFT).

The winners will be announced in our Discord channel #marathon-winners

About the reward

The reward is a free mint of NFTs from our native collectibles called Endemicles. We envision them to eventually form into rich ecosystems of different assets and projects, rather than existing as one-off NFTs like a digital art piece.

The mini Endemicles roadmap:

2D NFT -> Endemic Merch -> 3D NFT -> Motion NFT -> Famous brand collab

Each of them will offer plenty of benefits, including liquidity and usability. They will be a ticket for future collections.

Endemicles usability:

  • Staking to receive END token
  • Staking to receive whitelist spots on every collectible launched on Endemic
  • Fee reimbursement in END token
  • Community voting rights
  • Burning NFTs give extra benefits
  • Many more things to be released

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