Collectibles + Endemic = Endemicles

2 min readFeb 25, 2022

Native collectibles of the Endemic NFT marketplace

Endemic is a professionally curated NFT marketplace that features only high-quality art from around the world. With our official launch just two days ago, we presented and already sold many beautiful artworks. But, individual art is not the only thing we offer. Find out about innovative collectibles on Endemic.

Endemic is revolutionizing the way NFT marketplaces deal with collectibles.

There are competitors that started just with their collectibles and then evolved into a marketplace selling them. There are marketplaces for masses that just sell other’ collectibles. But there was no NFT marketplace (at least not until now) having it both.

Fascinated by hardworking and devoted artists with strong determination and thoughtful ideas, NFT collectibles are definitely going to be one big part of our offer. You’ve already seen that Endemic artworks are not and will never be the typical ones. Whoever will lay their hands on these masterpieces creatively crafted with word-class talents will be the luckiest!

Here comes the impressive part: Endemic is also launching its own native collectibles related to the Endemic visual identity. We like to call them Endemicles and they will be special, unique, rare, endemic and most importantly all with awesome utility.

There will be plenty of Endemicles with the first batch already in progress and dropping soon for all our early supporters that got whitelisted in our Endemic mint sprint.

Note: as we are getting closer to the mint, we’re going to reveal more info about the name, appearance and all other details about our first Endemicles series. Please bear with us all along the way.

The evolution of Endemicles

2D NFT -> Endemic Merch -> 3D NFT -> Motion NFT -> Famous brand collab

We envision Endemicles to eventually form into rich ecosystems of different assets and projects, rather than existing as one-off NFTs like a digital art piece. Each of them will offer plenty of benefits, including liquidity and usability. They will be a ticket for future collections.

Endemicles usability

  • Staking to receive END token
  • Staking to receive whitelist spots on every collectible launched on Endemic
  • Fee reimbursement in END token
  • Community voting rights
  • Burning NFTs give extra benefits
  • Many more things to be released


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