02/2022 — the month of the Endemic

Of all the project updates we’ve been having until now, this one brings the most joy. After many hard-working days, an enthusiastic team giving it all and one small delay, the biggest news in February was our launch on 22.02.2022. hitting 1150 users in the first 24h.

And that’s just one thing in this short but very successful month. Read it all below.

Hall of fame collab: Ali Sabet and Endemic joined forces

NFT superstar Ali Sabet decided to stay close with Endemic as our verified artist, advisor and collab partner in multiple projects. There are five things around which our team and Sabet will work together and you can check it all out in this article.

Bringing new names to Endemic

Here are impressive numbers: our team reviewed more than 400 talents all around the world, handpicking around 2000 artworks and onboarding 70 artists. Not only that, but some serious scouting for curators, NFT influencers and managers both in the physical & digital world is in process.

Creating Endemicles as part of the Endemiverse

February was busy for our art team since they are in the process of developing the first native collectibles series related to the Endemic visual identity. We like to call them Endemicles and they will be special, unique, rare, endemic and most importantly all with awesome utility. We shared all the details in this blog post, check it out.

Also, we can’t wait to present you the whole universe around Endemic which consist of two planets Earth and Endora and Endemicles are just one tiny part of.

Two mindblowing AMAs

Two amazing artists were guests of Endemic AMA in February. Xylodrone, artist and UX/UI designer. Supporter of the Kusama ecosystem through RMRK, KodaDot, MetaPrime, SubSocial and now the DotSama experience. Through the utilization of photography, digital manipulation, abstract calligraphy, writing and audio, she aims to express herself and criticize the world, as well as to understand it. Don’t miss the recap.

Danijel Žeželj, the author of comics, animated films, graphic artist and illustrator with his work published Europe, Africa and America with DC Comics / Vertigo, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, The New York Times Book Review, The Harper’s Magazine, Hazard, etc. shared his versatile experiences in February AMA#2. We had some thorough conversations and discussions about art you can read about here.

First of all, kudos to our dev team on the successful, stable and secure platform launch. We got tons of feedback on how you enjoy the platform.

Besides that and verifying all new artists, they’ve been working on some new features and updates which will make the platform even better. You’ll be able to see it all throughout March.

New features in progress:

  • NFT offers
  • Email notifications
  • 3D model support

And more!

Backed by NEAR — Endemic became a part of the NEAR family

The Endemic team has been backed by the NEAR protocol which will help us grow even further and offer the finest curator-picked NFT art and a community-driven environment for all artists, collectors and members throughout the world. What’s more important, we’re strengthening our connection with the NEAR community and ecosystem, having support that will take our endeavours further in creating the best marketplace on NEAR. Learn more

Amber Group and Endemic are joining hands in a strategic partnership

Together with Amber Group, Endemic will pave the way towards a crypto-forward future, unique, innovative and on the cutting edge of blockchain. Hoping this will be a long-term strategic partnership with various value-added benefits for both sides. With their help, we believe Endemic will optimize for long-term value and achieve goals, which you can read all about in this article.

Renaissance Labs and Endemic NFT marketplace — a perfect collab

Collector of rare art and the platform that has it — a perfect collaboration. Our collab extends in the purchase of works of art but also in onboarding new artists. On one hand, our world-class artists and high-quality art will surely show up as irresistible and spark Renaissance light. Furthermore, in the case when they like the NFT from artists that are not yet a part of the Endemic marketplace, our task and honourable duty will be to contact the artist, invite him or her to the marketplace and guarantee the sale. How cool is that! Be sure to click the link and check how this partnership will benefit our artists.

Growing one big Endemic family

During the short month of February, our Twitter grew to almost 1000 real, lively and cool followers breaking the 2k number by far.

There are more than 700 Telegram members and a big 1000 members in the Discord group were an amazing group of people truly bonded, we’re having a good time and some free mints are popping up.

Discord numbers

Endemic Mint Sprint

As a celebration of the Endemic launch, we surprised all early supporters who were with us before the launch date (FEB 22) on Telegram and Discord channels with a whitelist mint sprint for a free NFT from the Endemic collectibles series. We counted all the applications and announced winners in this table.

Educating our artists

With the goal in mind of building a real endemic NFT community gathered around the Endemic, we couldn’t forget how important part of it is education. Our practice was (and will continue to be) to provide guides and support for each onboarded artist (especially new to NFTs) for easier management. There are three educational posts you could read in February:

Overall there were 13 Medium articles during February with 3166 views, 1238 reads and 126 fans.

New Discord moderators

Having a crazy time in our Telegram and Discord chats 24/7 and new people coming on a daily basis we onboarded two new community moderators @NicVerse and @Boz that will be at your disposal. Also, our Discord channels were under construction, a bit refreshed and with increased fun.

What are we planning next?

  1. So, our decision wasn’t hard. From now on, all AMAs, starting with the three we have in March, will be held on our Twitter Spaces chat! Many of you expressed your wish to listen to our AMA on Twitter Spaces and we couldn’t call ourselves a ‘community-driven’ platform if not actually listening to what our community has to say. Check out the line-up.
  2. A big art initiative is just starting called “International design Endemic mascot competition”. We lovingly invite you to enter our most prestigious contest and design the Endemic NFT marketplace mascot — Endy. The contest lasts until MAR 25, with this remarkable chance to forever engrave your name in Endemic history and win a valuable reward. Check it out in the announcement.
  3. We’re having a big action called Free Mint Marathon currently in process as a celebration of our launch (on FEB 22). It’s called a marathon because it has no end date at the moment — we’re having fun, bonding with the community, playing and winning some NFTs along the way. There are three trails you can complete and each brings you 1 NFT
  • By buying artwork worth at least 0.22ETH from amazing Endemic artists on https://endemic.app/ . It can be one piece or more combined until you reach the amount. (0.22, see what we did there)
  • By constantly engaging in our Discord channel and reaching level 10 (there are several tips and tricks on how you can increase your chances of winning described in the article below)
  • By small little challenges, we’re dropping randomly throughout the week.

All is well-described in our Free Mint Marathon ann, check it out

Become part of the Endemic family

Join us on Endemic channels, that’s where all the fun is! Ask, comment, reshare, we’d love to see your name in our community. 🥰

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